Thank you for choosing our Massages and welcome to Our World where your “well-being” is our priority.


The aim is to help you to find your psychosomatic balance, to live a healthier and more fulfilling life, in harmony with yourself and the others: the interrelationship and balance between body, mind and soul determine your physiological well-being.

A combination of different synergistic natural approaches and activities ‘tailor-made’ for you, to help to achieve and maintain the harmony and well-being to which you aspire….  We call it “Regenerative Synergy”.

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“The well-being of each person is measured by his or her ability to maintain an internal balance in the face of changing external conditions.

Our massages

Swedish Massages implies the use of complementary techniques such as relaxation, toning and drainage, which positively influence the emo-lymphatic circulation and the prevention (or the reduction) of fat and cellulite. Pressure is applied according to the venous “return”. The movements can be slow and gentle, or vigorous and intense, depending on the purpose of the massage.

Swedish massage’s main objective is general relaxation, reduction of muscle stiffness, stimulation of circulation, relief of pain, improvement of tissue oxygenation and sleep, reduction of stress, elimination of toxins and muscle tone improvement.

Duration: 60 min or 90 min

The purpose of Tui Na is to treat different types of disorders by restoring the correct flow of vital energy (Qi). According to traditional Chinese medicine, in fact, an alteration of this flow is able to promote the appearance of disorders, discomforts and diseases in the individual.

By treating the main energy meridians with acupressure, a transcutaneous stimulation takes place, thanks to which toxins and excess fluids retained in the organs are eliminated.

Duration: 60 min

This is a holistic massage, where body and mind are simultaneously stimulated:  initially, a classical massage to relax the physical body, then the energetic rebalancing.  The Quantum Touch Massage stimulates the exchange between the subtle bodies, “lighting up” the re-connection within  and the surroundings.

Duration: 60 min.

The massage oil is mixed with a unique blend of Bach flowers, created for you. Bach flowers are floral remedies (there are 38 of them) created by Dr Edward Bach: they are one of the most effective, harmless and gentle natural solutions for psychosomatic and emotional imbalances.

During your session: 1) We test the right blend of flowers for you at that moment 2) We prepare the blend in a 30 ml vial 3) One hour of relaxing massage.

You will take home your flowers vail, which generally lasts about a month, to support the self-healing process “triggered” by the massage.

Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes

Reflexology is another holistic therapy to stimulate the self-healing abilities of the whole organism. It works by means of punctual micro-stimulation of specific areas of the foot on which the organs, glands and anatomical parts of the human body are reflected.

A reflexology massage helps to restore the balance of the organ corresponding to the stimulated (reflex) zone. With massage and plantar micro-stimulation, it is possible to improve and alleviate the symptomatic picture of many acute and chronic conditions such as asthma, respiratory problems due to infections and colds, back and joint pain, blood and lymph circulation, constipation and irritable bowel syndrome, earache, tonsil, inflammations, eczema, muscle pain, sleep and digestive disorders, anxiety states, stress-induced disorders, irritability and low mood, menopausal symptoms, chronic pain and immune system boosting.

Duration: 60 minutes

All massages (but the Tui Na) can be performed in pairs, giving you the opportunity to share a moment of well-being, soothing and relaxation with someone close to you.

Duration: 60 min or 90 min

Bach flowers are floral extracts that help improve inner and emotional well-being and can be used by adults, elderly, infants, children and even animals.  They are one of the most effective (and at the same time harmless and gentle) natural solutions for treating emotional disorders:  anxiety, depression, panic attacks, insomnia, fears, insecurities, tiredness, loss of concentration, nervous hunger, just to name a few.  They also help to bring out self-esteem and courage, so to face more serenely the challenges that life offers every day.

These blends are supporting tools for self-healing therapies promoting a return to an initial state of inner balance.

Bach flowers therefore also work on the character and personality of the individual and are useful for all those who want to consciously change their mood. Their use can therefore be beneficial in cases of negative and/or altered moods such as anger, stress, jealousy, and so on.

We offer our services also in the comfort of your home, at your workplace and in hotels, in schools with flexible hours, including weekends.

All massages (except for Tui Na and Plantar Reflexology) are performed with a combination of vegetal and essential oils customized to your needs.

Massages are not performed:  
-On pregnant women (during the first three months);
-To people who suffer from severe forms of varicose veins, who have had episodes of thrombophlebitis, who are undergoing chemotherapy or have ongoing infections.

10 Good Reasons to Say “YES” to Massage Therapy:
  • Metabolism Boosting;

  • Oxygenation and muscle toning: muscles are freed from the tensions accumulated due to a stressful life, negative emotions, and blocks.  After the massage, the movements become more agile and fluid;

  • General tonic action: improvement of cells nutrition, tissues’ oxygenation, elimination of cellular waste;

  • Help to get in touch with the emotions and to release those that are traumatic;

  • Rebalances hormone levels and improves sleep quality;

  • Re-Activation of lymphatic  and blood flow by freeing the body  from waste and toxins stagnation;

  • Decrease of cortisol level produced by stress and chronic fatigue;

  • Draining of subcutaneous toxins promoting cells and skin rejuvenation.


When we speak of ‘Well-being’, we are referring to the interrelationship and balance between body and mind, which lies at the heart of an individual’s psycho-physical well-being.

Our massages are inspired by the fundamental principle of holism: ‘body and mind are closely connected to each other, conditioning each other. A negative emotion transformed into a positive one has a direct impact on the body’s general state of well-being’.

Our experience has shown us how the combination of different holistic tools in synergy with each other helps to achieve and maintain the harmony and well-being to which many aspire: ‘Regenerative Synergy’.

This vision has led us to create customized “Synergistic Wellness Packages” and “Synergistic Wellness Events” in locations in the midst of nature.

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